Tips to Overcome PayPal Limit

Did your PayPal hit the limit? Don't worry because opening a PayPal limit is actually easy, as long as the data used when registering for PayPal is genuine data.

Tips to Overcome PayPal Limit

Just follow the instructions given by PayPal to open your limit. PayPal will inform you that your PayPal account has been limited via email and your own PayPal account.

The following is an explanation for opening your PayPal limit:

To resolve limit cases, you can visit the Resolution Center and follow the instructions provided.

The PayPal account has not been verified

We can use the newly created PayPal account to send/receive money, but cannot be used to withdraw.

Unverified PayPal accounts have a transaction limit of $100. If our needs are only small transactions (eg $ 5-10) then the limit is considered large enough.

However, the weakness is if your PayPal has not been verified, it is likely that you will often be subject to limits, whether you want to spend, you are subject to limits, receiving money is subject to limits, basically all limits.

Verify immediately to open your limit. As of the time this article was written, the PayPal verification method with a local bank account can still be done.

You can see the verification steps in the review below.

Light category limits

PayPal always performs random account security checks. Sometimes for no apparent reason your PayPal can be hit by a limit, even though you have successfully verified it. 

Usually you are only asked to change your password and security question, then your PayPal account will be opened again.

Transactions that you make are also sometimes held and your account is declared a limit by PayPal.

You can simply contact PayPal via email and state that the transaction was indeed done by us and we authorized it, then your PayPal will be re-opened.

When your PayPal is hit by a limit, sometimes PayPal will contact you by telephone. 

Therefore, when registering for PayPal, you should use your original telephone number data.

Moderate category limits

For this category, PayPal usually asks you to update your personal data and credit card data (can use a scan of your bank account book, explain that you don't have a credit card).

Usually until your PayPal account is re-opened it takes about 1-3 days. If PayPal feels that the data you submitted is incomplete, PayPal will contact you again.

The solution is to just follow the instructions provided by PayPal.

Weight category limits

If you are exposed to a 180-day limit, it usually cannot be completed even with complete documents. This often happens if verification uses a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

The point is that in order for the limit to be opened, follow the instructions provided by Paypal (you can see it in the Resolution Center section).

If necessary, contact PayPal via email or even via telephone to simplify the process of releasing your limit.

The reasons why your PayPal hit the limit can be seen here.

Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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