PayPal Verification Without Credit Card

For those of us who have ventured into online business, of course, we are no strangers to the word PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment tool that is already popular in Indonesia. Many online businesses originally transacted online using cards.

PayPal Verification Without Credit Card

Credit (Credit Card / CC) is now switching to using PayPal. In short, PayPal is a bank account that is on the internet (online).

The following is a review of how to register Paypal and how to verify it:

Register PayPal

1. Go to the PayPal website, creating an account at PayPal is free.

2. Click the Register / Sign Up section

3. Select the desired account type

I suggest choosing Primary because this account can be used to send and receive money.

Meanwhile, accounts with the Personal type can only be used to send money. The full differences will be explained in the next post.

4. Fill in your personal data

Telephone number data should use the original telephone number because it is needed in the Verification process.

5. Click "Login to my account" and you have successfully created a PayPal account.

PayPal verification

Actually, we can use an unverified PayPal account for online transactions, but it would be better for us to verify it so that we can cash out the money in our PayPal account into our bank account.

Two stages are required for the verification process, namely email confirmation and PayPal verification.

1. Email Confirmation
  • Click "Confirm email address"
  • Click “Request a new confirmation number"
  • PayPal will then send an activation link to your email
  • Enter your e-mail. Then click on the existing link
  • Enter your PayPal password
  • Please fill in up to you (used for forgot password)
  • Your email confirmation has been successful
2. PayPal verification

PayPal verification can be done in 2 ways, namely using a Credit Card or using your bank account.

But unfortunately at this time PayPal verification using a local bank account cannot be done, because PayPal has removed this option.

You don't need to worry because PayPal verification using a local bank can still be done manually, namely by contacting PayPal via email.

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