Tips to Avoid Paypal Exposed Limit

If your PayPal is hit by a limit, then you cannot use your PayPal until certain verification steps are completed.

You can find specific information about why your PayPal was limited and how to restore access by logging into your PayPal.

Tips to Avoid Paypal Exposed Limit

Usually, you are asked to update some information such as Proof of ID and Proof of Address.

Immediately upload the requested information to PayPal. Hopefully after PayPal receives the requested information, your PayPal account will be returned.

The following is an explanation of why your PayPal is subject to limits and tips for avoiding limits:

The reason your PayPal hit the limit

• Disbursement of funds (withdrawals) that are too large

• Several proxies & IPs from unsupported countries

• Too many Refunds / Chargebacks

• The transaction amount is too large

• Unusable credit/debit cards

• Type of goods sold

• Website content where you transact

Tips to prevent your PayPal hitting the limit

• Do not open a new account and receive too large a sum after verification.

• Don't log into your account with changing IPs, especially in internet cafes.

• Do not frequently change your account information.

• Do not frequently add or delete credit card data.

• If you receive a large amount of money do not try to immediately cash out (withdraw), or send it to another PayPal account because you may be suspected of receiving fraudulent funds.

• Make sure your website complies with the latest PayPal policies.

• While you should maintain a small balance of money in your PayPal account, never keep more money than you can afford to lose.

There are so many reasons why PayPal can be hit by a limit. Here I attach the PayPal tutorial by xDennis from Warrior Forum.

An explanation of the reasons for the limit, how PayPal monitors your Paypal account, and everything about PayPal is in this tutorial.

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