What Is SCG Technology?

What Is SCG Technology? Let’s Find Out Here!Talking about the world of technology and the types of digital technology will be very diverse.

Spatial computing glasses or SCG technology, are computing devices that users can use to see and interact with digital information in the real world.

The most famous example of SCG is Google Glass—a prototype, which was first released in 2013.

Since then, several other companies have already launched their own versions of the device, including Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap One. Then, do you know about other examples of SCG technology devices, if not? Here is the explanation.


What is SCG Technology?

What Is SCG Technology
What Is SCG Technology

When the digital world is increasingly sophisticated accompanied by technology that continues to develop rapidly. Where the only thing that is very clear is that it is possible for technology actors to develop an idea, one of which is SCG Technology.

SCG technology is artificial intelligence and automation. SCG this technology can rely on machines for many things, from customer service and data analytics to medical care and manufacturing.

While some people may fear that these technological advances will eventually lead to widespread unemployment, there are those who believe that this will greatly improve our lives.

Whether it’s allowing you to spend less time behind the counter or improving the quality of healthcare. The innovations like those offered by SCG technology have made a tremendous impact on our world.

Therefore, many people have used one of the features of SCG technology. Lau, what are the features of SCG technology? Here are the features :

Features that Scg Technology Has

What Is SCG Technology

  • Light and Tone

Light and melody are integral to each spatial computing experience. By carefully deceiving light and tone, developers can create immersive and realistic environments, engage the senses, as well as take users to another world.

  • Photography

Photography in spatial computing is the process of digitizing photos that will be used in a three-dimensional environment. This camera can support capturing the depth and dimensions of the scene.

Digital photos have abounded in execution, resulting in type 3d, virtual empirical simulations, and augmented reality experiences.

In most cases, digital photos can provide an additional experience that is more realistic and immersive than traditional 2d images. So, in digital form, it has been said that the photo is a feature of SCG technology.

  • Trackers and Sensors

One of the key elements of this new frame of mind is the utilization of trackers and sensors for computers to know the physical world around them. By searching for the position and orientation of objects in space.

Spatial computing platforms can provide additional news regarding the surrounding environment, including the location of obstacles, the layout of the room, and the presence of humans or animals.

Well, SCG technology is also some of the important features for those of you who use it. Because it guarantees the development of the existing. 

Therefore, for those of you who still don’t wear it. Hurry up and try quickly. So that you do not miss the existing growth in the form of SCG technology. And that’s a little explanation about SCG technology. 


Hopefully, the information above provides additional knowledge and is also useful for everyone. Especially, for those of you who are going to enter the world of technology.

And hopefully, what you want to try with SCG technology can be fulfilled. That’s all thanks.