Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World – So before creating a website we must understand first.

This is a complete understanding of hosting and domains and their types in the digital world. Sites that have been optimized for search engines certainly have various types of discussion. So that they can attract readers who want to know the contents contained in the information.

However, did you know that the development of websites and sites on the internet is made using hosting and domains?

What do hosting and domain actually mean in the digital world? To find out the information briefly and in detail. It is recommended that you read the information provided to the end.!

And this is the understanding and types of hosting and domains that you must know.

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World

The use of hosting and domains in creating a website certainly needs to be mastered and used according to the instructions for use.

Hosting can be accumulated as the right algorithm for creating a particular website or site. In the digital world, the existence of hosting and domains is certainly very useful in the development of digital media itself.

Before you know the various types of hosting and domains, it would be better if you know what they mean. Adding insight into the definition becomes a benchmark for knowing the types first. And this is complete information about the definition and types of hosting and domains.

Understanding hosting and domain

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World

In general, hosting is a media that is functionally used to store data and even personal information. Or a database where this media is located on the website and can only be accessed using the internet.

The data that can be accessed include photos, videos, emails, applications, and so on. So you can say the internet is the key to unlocking the hosting you want.

When it comes to self-hosting, the prices offered will also be very different. The higher the traffic and good quality feature, the higher the price.

The maintenance can also be done on a term basis considering that hosting is one of the most widely used digital products.

Another thing for the domain, the domain itself is the name of hosting, the name will be very related to the existence of hosting both in terms of address and implementation in a website itself.

The domain itself from the perception of its arrangement consists of a collection of numbers. In the form of data that can later be connected to the related server.

Therefore, if you want to create a name from a domain that you own, there should be no resemblance to an existing domain.

This of course makes server performance easier and the website can run as expected by the operator.

That’s some information about the definition or understanding of hosting and domain, of course, these two points are different even though they have functions that are interrelated with one another.

Various types of hosting and domains

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World
  • Hosting

For its implementation in the digital world, there are several types and types of hosting used by a website, and the following are the types of hosting in the digital world.

  • Shared Hosting

This first type of hosting has the name shared hosting, shared hosting itself on one server there are several websites. This type of hosting has a small amount of storage because it is only owned by a few people.

With a minimal number of users, this type of hosting is easier to access, so it will be more efficient in using the internet. And one thing is that this type of hosting is used more for bloggers who are chasing traffic than their website.

  • VPS hosting

VPS hosting or virtual private server is hosting with a large amount of storage. This hosting is more similar to shared hosting which differs only in the amount of available storage.

Apart from that, this hosting is also equipped with virtualization technology. For own use, this type of hosting is perfect for those who want to have a website with large traffic.

  • Dedicated hosting

Unlike most types of hosting, dedicated hosting only provides a server with one website. It is easier to say that this website is used by those who want to maintain the privacy of the operator.

It has very large traffic, besides that the available features are also very minimal. Given that this type of hosting is used by people who want to maintain their privacy.

  • Cloud hosting

Is it the most widely used type of domain because of various advantages.? This type of domain has information that can be backed up. So it will be safer if you use a type of hosting in the form of cloud hosting.

But that’s not the only advantage it has, the lifting speed is also good, besides that the price is not too high so it is suitable for use by those of you who want to have quite an optimal hosting.


Understanding Hosting and Domains and Kinds in the Digital World

The picture above is a kind of hosting, for those who are now switching to various domains, what are they? Check out the reviews below!

  • TLD: Top Level Domain

A top-level domain is a domain that has a top-level name on the internet. As for the name itself, there are thousands that you can use but the most popular ones are .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

Top-level domains are managed by an international body called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or IANA, so some of the information is certainly widely known by website users around the world.

  • ccTLD: Country Code Top Level Domain

Country code top-level domain is a name with a top-level that has only 2 letters for each territory or country. Among them are Indonesia with the name .id, Japan with the name .jp, and the United States with the name .us.

Usually, this type of domain is used for a company that collects information in their respective countries.

  • gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain

Unlike the above domain, this domain name is used for an institution that is under the auspices of a country. It is used to distinguish functions rather than the domain itself.

For example, for education it is called .edu, for the military, it is .mil, and for the government, it is called .gov.

Each domain and .edu has a different name and type and variety. But both domains and hosting have an important role in improving digital functions. Sera is undeniable that hosting and domains also have their drawbacks.


For these shortcomings, of course, it becomes a PR for the institutions that handle them. It is important that you know everything before you own it.

That’s more or less complete information about the meaning and types of domains and hosting that you need to know. If this article is useful for you, then please share the information available. To other people with the aim of that person also receiving what benefits you get.