Introduction Traffic Tools for Students

Introduction Traffic Tools for Students – Transportation on a domestic and international scale international. For the Indonesian nation, which is an archipelagic country, transportation functions more as a unifying region within the Unitary State Republic of Indonesia. 

In the economic field, traffic tools and transportation services as a means that can accelerate the achievement of goals in order to support the economic growth of a region.

Economic development requires very adequate transportation service. Without transportation as a means of support, it is impossible

It is hoped that satisfactory results will be achieved in the effort to develop the economy of a country. For each economic development of a country, optimum transport capacity is required.

However, it should be noted that Determining transportation capacity and investment is not an easy thing conducted.

That is what happened in Indonesia, the large number of people with uneven distribution makes traffic management very complicated.

Transportation, which is expected to be a means of accelerating development, is actually can be a barrier. This is because the transportation system is not good causing the number of accidents to increase. Nationally,

Losses due to traffic accidents are estimated at 2.9-3 percent. According to the Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. KM 61 of 1993 About Traffic signs on the road, traffic signs are one of the tools road equipment in a certain form containing symbols, letters, numbers, sentences, or combinations of them, which are used to give warnings, prohibitions, orders, and instructions for road users.

How Introductions Traffic Tools for Students?

Traffic signs were created to create smoothness, order, and safety in the drive. Road markings and signs are objects for conveying information or orders or instructions to road users.

Warning signs are used to warn of possible there is danger or dangerous places on the part of the road ahead. 

Sign warnings are placed at least at a distance of 50 meters or a certain distance before the place of danger by paying attention to past conditions traffic, weather, and road conditions caused by geographical factors, geometry, and road surface. The shape of the warning sign is a square and four squares long. 

The basic color of the warning sign is yellow with the symbol or black writing. Warning signs can be equipped with an additional board.

The distance between the sign and the start of the part of road dangerous can be declared with an additional board if the distance between the signs and the start of the dangerous road sections is unpredictable by road users and not in accordance with ordinary conditions.

Traffic tools signs are used to express prohibited actions by road users. Prohibition signs are placed as close as possible to the point of prohibition begins. To provide preliminary instructions on the road users can place other signs at a reasonable distance before the point of prohibition begins.

Prohibition signs can be equipped with an additional board. The shape of the prohibition sign can be in the form of an equilateral octagon.