Recommended Free Blogger Templates

Recommended free blogger templates download – Blogger or blog is a platform for writing and creating content that is easy to use, especially since it is a free service.

No wonder, if many people make websites using blogs, whether it is used for bloggers or online businesses. Well, in creating a free blog, starting from creating an account, making posts, choosing a name, to adjusting the design.

One thing that you shouldn’t really miss is choosing a free and cool, recommended free blogger template download to display your blog design.

There are lots of free blog template recommendations that you can download and use on your blog. Not all free blogger templates available are suitable for you.

If you want your blog to be successful, then you must pay attention to these aspects when choosing a blog template.

First, your blog template must be SEO-friendly. Yes, that’s right, you not only optimize SEO on the content or posts you make on your blog but also on your blogger design.

Blogger templates must be professionally designed and created for SEO optimization so that they can meet the need to rank on search results pages.

Where Recommended Free Blogger Templates Download?

recommended free blogger templates

In the Blogger template, you have to pay attention to the schema, metadata, well-organized code, balanced heading and subheading parameters, alt text image insertion options, post widget features, correct layout, and clear menu navigation, so that bots can easily navigate. crawl your blog website. 

Also, pay attention to whether this template has the latest Google algorithm update or not. If everything is all good, then with an SEO-friendly Blogger template, you can get a lot of traffic to your Blogger Blogger templates must have a responsive design.

Responsive design makes it possible to load your blog according to the screen size of the device used by people who visit your blog. Both from PC or Tablet and Smartphone. The template automatically adjusts the width and size of its elements.

With a responsive Blogger template, your blog will look professional because it offers a consistent experience to blog visitors when they visit it from a smartphone or computer.

Blogger Template Full Responsive

Blogger templates with responsive designs can also help attract traffic to your blog. The legibility of your blog increases, and the menu navigation is clear for both computers and smartphones so that visitors can easily interact and want to surf further on your blog.

In addition to blogs that have SEO-friendly Blogger templates, blogs that have responsive designs are also favored by Google so you can have the opportunity to be on Google search results pages. 

In addition to SEO-friendly Blogger templates to download and responsive designs, fast-loading templates are also criteria for a good Blogger template. By loading your blog website faster, your blog visitors will not run away because they are waiting for the blog to load perfectly.

Speed Loading is Key

The fast-loading Blogger template has a simple design and few elements and widgets will be displayed, only the most useful and relevant to your needs.