New Technology 2022 That Are Trending 2022

New Technology 2022 That Are Trending 2022, Technology is created to make human life easier. Therefore, technology will continue to evolve following the development of human needs.

We see together, every year the emergence of the latest technology continues to color human life.  Many aspects are touched by technology ranging from medicine, communication, in education to economics.

Even though in New Technology 2022  the space for human movement will still be limited by the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest technology is still present. 

And then to discuss it will be difficult if it is separated from the technological developments that are currently happening. Here are some of the technologies that are coming in 2021:

Technology Trends 2021-2022

new technology 2022

  • Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Robotic Process Automation  (RPA) is the latest technology in the form of automated software that is used to interpret applications, process transactions, handle data, and even reply to emails. RPA is able to facilitate various jobs and analyze them quickly and accurately.

  • The Hybrid Cloud  

This latest technology is a form of digital transformation. This technology is a combination of public and private clouds. Generally, companies store sensitive data using private clouds. Meanwhile, other services are stored in the public cloud. 

  • The Edge Computing

The latest technology is in the form of a distributed computing paradigm and brings computing and data storage closer to data sources. This can increase response time and save bandwidth.


What is New Technology 2022 That Is Trending 2022?

new technology 2022

  • Quantum Computing

Is a form of computing that utilizes quantum phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement. This latest technology is also involved in preventing the spread of Covid-19, and in developing potential vaccines. 

  • The 5G technology

3G and 4G are familiar with technology in surfing the internet, using data-based services, increasing bandwidth, and others quickly. In 2022, we look forward to the birth of the latest technology in the communication sector, this namely 5G. 

These services rely on advanced technologies such as AR and VR, along with cloud-based gaming services such as Google Stadia, and NVidia GeForce Now.

  • Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a concept where objects have the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or the human to computer interaction.

IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies,  microelectromechanical systems  (MEMS), and the Internet.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality  (VR), Augmented Reality  (AR), and  Extended Reality  (ER) are the latest New technologies in 2022 to come this year.

In the process, this VR immerses the user in an environment while AR enhances their environment. 

This technology is mainly used for playing games, but its use is getting wider because can also use for training. For example, the VirtualShip simulation software is used to train the Navy, Army, and Coast Guard in the United States (US).

These 4 Technologies Will Change the World in 2022:

  • Mobile services

In New Technology 2022, Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company recently reported that Indonesia is the largest digital economy center in the world and has the potential to grow through the use of digital services.

Along with the development of 5G network acceleration in the country, various business opportunities will emerge that will be useful. Including wider digital adoption and the development of stronger technology infrastructure.

The convenience of mobile services and the rise of entertainment, particularly through mobile devices, will drive the growth of 5G networks even faster.

In June 2021, Telkomsel launched its first commercial 5G network service in several cities such as Balikpapan, Surakarta, and Medan, and expanded its services to five other cities.

Other telecommunications companies such as Indosat Ooredoo also have 5G networks in five cities in Indonesia for New Technology 2022.

By the way, In some locations today, 5G networks have been operating for several months and as a result, cellular services will start reaching more users.

So, The ubiquitous presence of cellular phones/smartphones has become one of the equalizers and enabling services that were previously impossible.


And then, What are New technologies 2022 That Are Trending 2022 Will Change in the World?

new technology 2022

  • E-commerce Security

Digital and e-commerce transactions will experience a huge surge, thanks to the convenience, security, and flexibility offered amidst Covid-19.

So, Currently, there are more opportunities for consumers to make purchases through their devices, and this is predicted to drive digital transactions in Indonesia to reach USD37 billion in 2022.

  • AI technology and Cloud Computing

5G networks and AI will also play a direct role in changing the way Indonesians live and work. One of the most significant impacts will occur in the field of software development.

  • Presence of Cryptocurrencies and NFT

Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) will continue to grow over time in popularity. These digital assets have the potential to be used to transform traditional businesses and economies.

Until 2022, we can see wider and more sophisticated use of these technologies as businesses and individuals begin to explore their capabilities.

Indonesians have increased spending and economic use of the internet, and this change is expected to be permanent. Based on Google Research in Indonesia, 80 percent of internet users have made at least one online purchase.

As we enter the digital decade, harnessing the capabilities of these technologies to our advantage is as important as harnessing AI and digital security.

More than two years since the pandemic began, the use of digital services remains strong and is predicted to continue to be resilient with mobile, artificial intelligence, cloud, cryptocurrency, and NF services.

Thank you for reading this article from the beginning to the end of the article section. I hope this little bit of stuffing can be useful for us and everyone who has read it. The new technology of 2022 developing with the latest innovations.

The hope, hopefully, this article on New Technology 2022 can add knowledge and insight for all of us. So that we can make Indonesia a developing country with new technology. That comes from new innovations that will emerge along with the progress.