New Technology 2022 Prediction for Future World Changes

New Technology 2022 Prediction – Among Asian countries, Indonesia is the country that has the largest population. Indonesia is also expected to become one of the countries with the largest digital economy energy in the world by 2025.

For this reason, there is a new technology in 2022 that will bring about world change.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition of digital services more than previously expected. This has encouraged the development of the Information and Communication Technology sector in Indonesia.

To lead economic development in 2022. And also thanks to the help of new technology 2022 human work is more helpful and faster.


New Technology 2022 Predictions for Future World Changes

new technology 2022 prediction
New Technology

According to the projections of the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), the Information and Communication Technology sector will experience developments of 9.8 to 10.3 percent in 2022.

In the following year, the Internet and technology will be more influential than they are today. 

Digital technology has fundamentally changed the order of human life and reduced the amount of time it takes to complete tasks because it has changed the way we interact with others.

Therefore, the current technology in 2022 has predicted the existence of the latest technologies including:

  • Mobile Service

Google recently reported that Indonesia is the center of the world’s largest digital economy and has the potential to grow through the use of digital services. 

As the country accelerates 5g networks, a variety of business opportunities will emerge, including wider digital adoption and the development of stronger technology infrastructure.

The convenience of mobile services and the rise of entertainment, especially through mobile devices, will encourage the development of 5g networks faster.

Telkomsel has launched commercial 5g network services for the first time in several cities such as Balikpapan, Medan, and Surakarta, and expanded its services to five other cities.

Other telecommunications businesses such as Indosat Ooredoo also have 5g networks in five cities in Indonesia.

In some locations today, the 5g network is ready and has been operating for several months ago. And the results of its mobile service will be started by more users.

The presence of mobile phones/smartphones that are everywhere has become one of the equalizers, which enables services that were previously impossible to do.

5g networks have many desirable benefits, including lower latency, making it easier for the platform to react quickly to changes; stronger network coverage (Especially indoors).

And increased throughput (Which will make streaming frequency even more resilient).

In the near future, Indonesia’s 5g network will be the energy of economic recovery. Accessing avenues to empower small and medium-sized businesses, educating digital talent, and it is very likely that the growth of smart cities.

  • E-Commerce Security

Digital transactions and e-commerce will experience a huge surge, thanks to convenience, and security.

And flexibility offered in the midst of Covid-19. Currently, there are more opportunities for consumers to make purchases through their devices.

And this is predicted to drive digital transactions in Indonesia to reach USD37 billion by 2022.

More and more residents are already using digital payments regularly, especially with the rise of the Buy Now, Pay Later (Bnpl) program, which has given rise to the need for online transaction security.

Thus, banks will also increase their focus on e-commerce security to minimize hackers and cybercriminals.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss new technologies in 2022 with examples of the 2 technologies above that will certainly change the human order for the better in the future.

That’s the conclusion of the new technology prediction 2022, hope it’s useful!