5+ Recommended Keyword Checker Tool For Beginners

Recommended Keyword Checker Tool – Creating article content requires keyword research, where these keywords are useful so that the content you create is relevant to what people are looking for.

You can choose the widely used keyword checker tool such as Ahref or Ubbersuggest so that the quality of the articles. And you create can appear on the first page of Google.

 By using this keyword checker tool, you can see to what extent the keywords you want to use are effective and highly searched.

The shorter the keywords, the more difficult the competition will be, but if the keywords. And if you use are long enough there is a chance that the keywords will not have too much competition.

Recommended Keyword Checker Tool for Beginners

Finding suitable keywords for article content is not easy, for that you need a keyword checker tool so keyword research.

Creating articles can be easier by knowing which keywords have the highest search conversions. Here’s a keyword checker tool recommendation!

 Google Trends

keyword checker tool
Google Trends

Search and identify keywords easily, you can use Google trends for business professionals to bloggers.  For this reason, every site needs the right keywords in determining what content you want to create. So that everyone can find it easily.

Presenting accurate statistical data, Google trends can find out what topics everyone is searching for.  With this Google trend, you can see statistics for the right keywords.

And their various advantages in seeing the popularity of content. That is sought after to determine the topic you want to create and find target visitors.

The advantage of Google trends is that you can compare topics that are going viral with other trends so that the content you create has the right comparison.

In addition, the frequency shown in Google trends makes it easier for you to set goals in content creation and marketing.

 This keyword checker tool is very useful for writers in determining the topic of content to be created. No wonder Google Trends is one of the tools for keyword research that is easy to use in finding the perfect keywords.


keyword checker tool

Widely known and used in addition to Google trends, Ubersuggest is a keyword checker tool that is famous for its various mainstay features.

Important for SEO, Ubersuggest is widely used in the search for relevant keywords so that the content you write is of high value and value.

 Don’t worry about checking the backlinks on your site, Ubersuggest offers an easy backlink checking feature to improve SEO on your website and your traffic will skyrocket instantly.

This Ubersuggest can also assess how well your website is in its on-page SEO features, traffic, and organic SEO.  But don’t forget that Ubersuggest is a paid tool and only free for testing.


keyword checker tool

It is rarely known that Wordtracker is a useful tool in finding the right keywords for fairly broad market research. On the Wordtracker page, you can search for relevant keywords and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising keywords.  Not only user-friendly, but this Wordtracker also makes it easy for you to see data display options.

Word search in this Wordtracker, you can search by setting the volume range or the keyword question you want to search.

Next, you will see the popular questions presented in the table.  No wonder this one tool is also widely chosen in marketing products and looking for content that is relevant to the audience.


keyword checker tool

Providing information about finding the right keywords for your content. KWFinder makes it easy for you to find the difficulty level of keywords that will be used up to the SERP of these keywords.

With a variety of flagship features, the content you want to create can easily find the right keywords.

However, KWFinder has limitations in keyword searches. For that, you need to continue KWFinder premium with five keywords every 24 hours. And dozens of keyword suggestions that you can use in creating content.

The premium packages provided by KWFinder are different. Even in the cheapest version you can do keyword research 100 times a day.

There is also the most expensive package that you can have up to 1000 keyword research searches a day, of course.

This makes it easier for you to create dozens of relevant content and makes it easier for you to achieve your needs in the available premium packages.


keyword checker tool

The next keyword checker tool, there is SEMrush where this tool is available for free but you need to register first.

The free account that you register with SEMrush gets keyword research up to 10 times in 24 hours, you will also get long tail keywords and can see what sites are on the first page.

Due to its limited access, SEMrush comes in premium features. For that, you can’t see all the available keyword suggestions so you need to try the trial version for a week.

And then move on to the premium version for a monthly fee of 99$ or Rp. 1,471,000.

Keyword Checker Benefits for SEO

This keyword search tool is very useful for making your article content more quality and meaningful for readers. This important step is useful in optimizing the SEO of your website. Here are the benefits of keyword checker tools for SEO:

Increase Visitor Traffic

keyword checker tool
keyword checker tool

With keyword research, you can increase visitor traffic to your site because SEO can optimize the keywords you research through available tools.

With keywords that are popular and much sought after by the audience. SEO techniques and the right keywords will bring in a lot of visitors and increase sales drastically.

Get Top Rank on Google

keyword checker tool
keyword checker tool

In addition to quality content, you need to pay attention to HTML and metadata on the website that you manage.

So that the keywords that have been determined can make your content appear on the first page. By inserting keywords in the title, meta description to headings, and paragraphs, your content is easily recognized by SEO.

Become an Effective Marketing

keyword checker tool
keyword checker tool

SEO is a technique that everyone uses so that the content they create gets the best ranking on Google. But it is also effective for various marketing. So that every audience is familiar with the products offered.

Audiences are always looking for the product they want on Google. So it’s no wonder that creating SEO content requires thoroughness and in-depth research.

So that the desired content is always relevant and can increase visitor traffic and even become effective marketing.

With the benefits of these keyword tools. You can be sure your content will increase visitors so that they are interested in your product and make a purchase right away.

Although not easy, SEO techniques need to be learned slowly so that you understand that keyword checker tools help you find relevant keywords with various existing tools and features.