The Development of Internet Technology and its Role

Internet Technology, Development, and Role – Internet technology is a communication network that is very useful for human life.

Of course, the internet has developed until it finally becomes what it is today. To find out how it develops and what its role is, the following will be reviewed.

How the Development of the Internet and What are its Roles?

internet technology

In the current era, the internet is very closely related to everyday life, both for young millennials and even adults.

The majority of people have used the internet as a medium to assist in their work as well as to connect activities more effectively, efficiently, and accurately.

The millennial generation may already be familiar with the use of the internet. However, for people outside this generation, the majority still find it difficult to access it.

That’s why the following will be described in more detail about the development of the internet.

Internet technology itself is a communication network that has many functions, one of which is to connect electronic media.

This communication network will later convey several things or information that is sent using signal transmissions and frequencies that have been adjusted.

For the global standard itself in the use of the internet, the network has used the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol or also abbreviated as TCP / IP. A term is a form of usage exchange protocol used by many global or world users.

Furthermore, the process for connecting between internet networks is also known as internetworking. In the opinion of one expert in the IT field, Onno W. Purbo explained that the definition of the internet is a medium used to make the communication process more efficient using applications such as email, website, or VoIP.

Internet technology covers the regional scale as well as the available limits of access coverage in certain areas. Currently, many countries have started competing in order to expand their internet network using satellite assistance.

With the use of these satellites, it is automatically able to reach a much wider area even in remote areas.

History of Internet Development

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Starting in the 1960s, the US Department of Defense through the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) created a network system known as Arpanet.

Arpanet itself is the forerunner of the emergence of network technology. In America, network technology was used by a limited circle of campuses in the 1980s.

Furthermore, the standard protocol TCP / IP finally began to be issued in 1982. Then in 1986 began to be established NSFNET whose role here replaced Arpanet to accommodate research and research activities in the United States.

Then in 1990 Arpanet began to be launched with the same service, namely the World Wide Web (WWW) and here it was initiated by CERN.

In the end, towards the year ’93 InterNIC began to be developed to register domain names.

When Did The Development Of Internet Technology Start?

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In Indonesia, the development of internet technology began to enter, namely in 1994 which was introduced by experts in the field of information technology at that time.

For now, the data transmission process carried out is indeed very different when compared to previous years. Data transmission has been supported by many of the most up-to-date.

And much more modern technologies in accordance with the concept and understanding of the internet

In terms of speed itself, many technology industries are currently starting to develop network generations starting from 2G, 3G, and 4G even for the latest which is now starting to appear, namely 5G.

Of course, to be able to use the latest 5G internet technology, will require considerable resources for a country.

The development of information technology does occur continuously and endlessly, so a lot of changes occur, starting from information communication and the devices used.

If at the beginning of the development of the internet it was used for military research needs, now its scope is even wider.

It has begun to be empowered for the social, educational, cultural, political, communication, military, information, business, and other fields.


The Role of the Internet in Various Fields

There are so many benefits and roles of the internet for everyday life. To find out, the following will describe some of these roles for certain fields.

  • Field of education

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For education, the internet also has a big role. The use of internet technology is one of the important and helpful factors in the learning and learning process.

Users will be able to access and obtain various kinds of information related to articles, modules, journals, and other general knowledge.

With the internet, each individual will be able to find various things. Or information through a search engine that is connected to a good and stable internet network.

  • Business Field

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The next role covers the business field. Related to the business field itself, there are many roles of the internet and the benefits that can be obtained.

For example, for making online business websites, startup businesses, e-commerce, and other creative industries.

An important factor that really needs to be known is when you have interacted with the internet. And you will automatically connect with all users around the world so that your business reach will be wider.

  • Information Field

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Currently, a lot of information is starting to appear through various existing devices. That’s because the internet is a provider of information sources.

That is indeed considered far more effective when compared to you have to watch or using other electronic media such as television, radio, or newspapers.

Using these media to obtain actual information and news is currently less attractive. In accordance with the definition of the internet itself.

Namely electronic media in the 21st century, many have used internet media in carrying out information more precisely and with a much wider reach.

Take for example here print media companies, besides they also provide various kinds of actual news through newspapers.

In fact, now they are also starting to open media channels on the internet to get news not only from within the country but also from the international scope.

  • Social and Entertainment Sector

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The next field that also takes advantage of the existence of this internet technology is the social and entertainment fields. Many millennials use this field to access various kinds of social media and existing sites.

Some quite popular social media such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and others. The platform is indeed able to provide features and access that are quite easy.

So that here all people can be well connected, even if communication is far away. Various entertainments have also been provided by this platform.

  • Health

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Internet technology is in fact also very influential in the health sector. There are so many health references and services for medical services that are done online. This is a form of internet benefits for the health sector.

You are here enough to look for various kinds of desired needs, such as prescriptions, drugs, healthy lifestyles, and hospital referrals through the internet media easily and quickly.

Even now a website has sprung up specifically for users who want to consult with doctors.

With this website, users can freely ask about their complaints. And later some doctors will be happy to answer any questions asked.

That way it will certainly be much easier for those of you who are experiencing complaints.

Negative Impact Of Internet

In addition to the internet providing several benefits, in fact, this technology also has some negative impacts. The following will also explain what are the negative impacts of the internet.

  • The term cyber crime appears

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The negative impact of internet technology is that it creates a lot of crimes such as cases of data hacking and online fraud. In addition, it can also trigger spamming, hacking, or cracking activities by irresponsible people.

Therefore, there is a need for special handling to maintain the confidentiality of personal data. So that later it will not be leaked or hacked by parties for whom they are not responsible. One way to overcome this is to use the dual authentication feature.

  • Illegal Content Spread

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Internet technology also has the potential to spread content in the form of writing and videos that contain elements of pornography or pornography.

So this can certainly result in users who are still underage getting a negative impact.

The solution that can be done in overcoming this is by always being vigilant and supervising internet usage for you, parents, children, or underage users.

  • Hate Speech Spread

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The last impact of the emergence of internet technology is that it is used as a medium to develop or manipulate hate speech practices on a large scale.

This is because the internet itself still lacks restrictions on content that is considered quite dangerous and can lead to fake news or known as hoaxes.

One effective way can be done by selecting and sorting content, news, and articles by means of other reference sources.

Also, make sure here to look for a really trusted reference source, so you can avoid fake news or news that leads to hate speech.