Instagram Schedule Posts Anti-Complicated!

Instagram Schedule Posts Anti-Complicated – The use of Instagram as a platform to promote business products can make it easier for its users to acquire many clients or consumers.

Of course, product marketing through Instagram also requires strategies and tactics that must be applied. One way is with Instagram Schedule Posts.

no, by way of Instagram Schedule Posts you can easily start promoting your business products. So you don’t have to think about when the post time is right and set it manually.

You just need to set the date of the post to the Instagram feed or IGTV. Here’s how Instagram Scheduled Posts are hassle-free!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is more often referred to by the short-term IG or Insta. The definition of this term refers to a photo and video-sharing application that allows its users to take photos and videos, then apply digital filters, then share them to various social networks.

IG also means a social media application that can be used on various smartphones such as Android, blackberry, windows, to iPhone.

IG can now also be used on computers, laptops, or PCs. Even so, the features available on the PC and HP versions have significant differences.

How To Scheduled Instagram Posts Anti-Complicated

1. Schedule Instagram Posts with Access Creator Studio

The first step you need to do is access the creator studio. You can access the platform through the Google search site and then there are two choices of creator studios, namely Facebook and Instagram.

When you want to post content via Instagram then click the Instagram icon on the creator of the studio.

You need to log in to the Instagram account you have to access the creator of the studio. However, when the laptop or device you are using has been automatically connected to the Instagram account you have. Then you only need to continue the next step, which is the selection of content.

2. Schedule Instagram Posts by Selecting Posts

The way to schedule the next Instagram post is to choose the content you want to post on the Instagram feed. You can click Create a Post in the upper left corner.

Then a file storage folder will appear on the laptop and select the photo or video you want.

Not only for Instagram feeds, but the creators of this study provide facilities for their users to post content on IGTV. Even this platform also does not provide a fee levy for scheduling posting time on Instagram. 

3. Draft and Upload Posts

After choosing the content that you will post on Instagram, make a description, and hashtag, and mention some other users or company brands that you have. In this case, you only need to do the same steps as posting content in general.

The way to schedule the next Instagram post is to upload the content you want to upload. And complete the content with some Instagram features in general.

4. Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically

instagram scheduled posts

You can click the arrow down icon in the Publish section in the lower right corner. After that click Schedule to set the upload time of the content.

Until the last step, you can save the post-draft. To see the various kinds of posts you have scheduled, you can access the dashboard. At that time you can re-check previous posts or upcoming posts. 

There is also calendar access that makes it easier for you to control Instagram posts. Through the creator studio, you can also check how many viewers or audiences like the post.

In other words, this creator studio makes it easier for you to do Instagram content management.

Tips for Optimizing Instagram Posts

Not only how to Instagram schedule posts you need to know. But you also have to know how to optimize Instagram posts. This of course aims to make it easier for viewers to find the posts you uploaded.

1. Create a Concept Map

The first thing you need to prepare to optimize Instagram posts is to create a concept map. This component has an important role in the world of marketing.

Because the concept map helps business actors in classifying posts that will be uploaded regularly.

Through the concept map, one can also determine what type of content is suitable to be uploaded at certain times.

On this concept map, there is not only a posting schedule or type of content. But you can also add a concept of each of the content you’ll be posting. You can even provide space for notes when there are new ideas or innovations for Instagram content.

2. Create Innovative and Creative Content

After you know how to schedule anti-complicated Instagram posts and the important role of the concept map for product marketing.

Then the next step you need to do is to create innovative and interesting content. Create your ability to market a product through photos or videos.

You can take product portraits with a combination of natural scenery, layout arrangements on a decorated table, and so on.

Make sure the photos or videos you make are not monotonous causing viewers to feel bored. You can also add words to the content you create, whether it’s in the form of description writing or on photos and videos.

3. Add Hashtags

Instagram schedule postHashtags are an important component of content on social media. This is because hashtags make it easy for social media users or viewers to find the posts you upload.

Hashtags play the same role as keywords that often appear on search sites.

But unfortunately, some businesses often forget about adding hashtags to the content description section. So this is what makes product marketing through social media less optimal.

You can add hashtags in the content description section according to the type of product you have.

4. Adapt to Trends

After knowing several things about Instagram content ranging from how to Instagram schedule posts to tips on optimizing content.

Then another thing that is no less important for your Instagram content is the adjustment of content to trends circulating in the community.

You can adjust the theme of the content to the latest topics that can attract the attention of many viewers. Like when creating product content in the form of videos.

instagram schedule post

You can combine tense content themes until later the content explains information about the product you have. That’s the article that the author can expose. Hope it is useful.

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