How Share Hosting Works

Know the Understanding, How Share Hosting Works, and the Advantages and Disadvantages – In a hosting service, there is a type of hosting that can be used together.

The service is called shared hosting. Many like this hosting service, because there are many benefits to be gained. How shared hosting works will be explained below:

Understanding Shared Hosting

How Share Hosting Works

Before knowing how shared hosting works, it would be better to know the meaning of shared hosting itself.
Because, in fact, there are still many who do not understand this one hosting service. So, here will be studied first about the meaning.

As mentioned above, shared hosting is a hosting service that can be used together with other domains.
So, it can be said that one hosting consists of several domains.

Users do not use the service alone. Many advantages will be obtained from this hosting service. Those who have tried this service will definitely like it.

The reason is, that the costs that must be incurred are very affordable and also of course more efficient to use.

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How to Share Hosting Works

How Share Hosting Works

If you already know the meaning of shared hosting, then now we will discuss how shared hosting works in general.

Because it turns out that many do not know for sure how it works. Here’s the full explanation:

  • The users of this hosting service will work together to rent this hosting service
  • Usually, these users will work together to rent one hosting that will be shared
  • Then in one hosting, several users will get the same storage capacity. However, some have different storage capacities
  • The storage capacity will usually be regulated by the relevant provider
  • Then at the time of making a payment, the provider will free its users to manage the storage capacity of each domain
  • This storage arrangement is usually also determined by the costs incurred by the user, if you only pay a small portion, you will get a small storage space
  • Each user will also feel benefited and no one will be harmed for the costs that have been incurred.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

There are several advantages of this one hosting service. Of course, these advantages will benefit its users.
The following will describe the various advantages of this shared hosting:

  • Has an affordable rental price, but has good performance
  • Easy to use even for beginners, because with this service the provider will usually immediately install all the existing services
  • Can be used to install software for free. Can determine the desired storage capacity yourself
  • Users can also expand the storage capacity according to their wishes

That is some of the advantages of shared hosting

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

In addition to the advantages, it turns out that shared hosting also has some disadvantages. However, the existing shortcomings do not make the performance of this service bad.

Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • Not suitable for shared hosting with business types, because it has limited storage space
  • Users must regularly update their storage capacity
  • The user must also always be ready to move data into the new hosting service
  • Sometimes the service you are using suddenly becomes slow and can’t even be used
  • Sometimes there is a server down that requires users to stop their activities on shared hosting.


Thus a little information about how shared hosting works and some other related explanations.
A beginner can use this hosting service. Because it has a cheap price and is practical to use.

And hopefully, this article can be more useful for readers…

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