History of Microsoft Windows, Strengths and Disadvantages

History of Microsoft Windows, Strengths and Disadvantages – The Microsoft Windows operating system is certainly familiar to many people. You all must be well acquainted with one of the operating systems of this computing device.

Microsoft Windows is one of the pioneers in the development of the most prominent operating system in the world. To find out more about Microsoft Windows and its description.

What is the History of Microsoft Windows, Strengths and Weaknesses?

History of Microsoft Windows
History of Microsoft Windows

As already mentioned that the Microsoft Windows operating system is a pioneer in the development of operating systems.

In the computer field which competes with various other operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Android.

Currently, Microsoft Windows has been widely installed on various computer devices and in various parts of the world for various purposes. The characteristic of Microsoft Windows is that it has a logo shaped like a fluttering middle window.

This logo has a distinctive base color, namely blue. Now, Microsoft Windows has had many generations and the last generation of Microsoft Windows, namely Windows 10, is said to be the best operating system.

History of Microsoft Windows

History of Microsoft Windows

The Microsoft Windows operating system was first launched in 1983. At that time Microsoft Windows launched Ms-DOS which was made compatible with personal computer devices and was made by a large computer technology company at that time.

After Ms. DOS was successfully launched and further developed. Microsoft Windows began to develop research results. Which subsequently launched the first generation of Windows, namely Windows 1.0 in 1985.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 which is considered to have many shortcomings and limitations then redeveloped and changed to Microsoft Windows version 2.

This version consists of Microsoft Windows 2. x and Microsoft Windows 2.1x.

At that time the operating system from Microsoft Windows was demanded by its competitors. Namely the Macintosh because it was considered to be imitating their own design.

Therefore, the following Microsoft Windows has developed again and was named Microsoft Windows 3.0.

The Microsoft Windows operating system, which was launched in the 1990s, received enormous success. Having a very high number of users makes Microsoft Windows even more excited to develop its products. Until now it is claimed to have reached the generation of Microsoft Windows 10.0.


Advantages of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows undeniably has many advantages, one of which is how to use it. One operating system that is widely used by people in all parts of the world must have all these advantages.

This advantage is what makes Microsoft Windows finally survive and become one of the largest operating systems in the world. The following will discuss what are the advantages of Microsoft Windows that you need to know.

  • Has Abundant Choice of Applications

For those of you who have a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system, of course, you will never experience problems such as application selection.

Applications that are compatible with Windows are numerous and also very abundant.

Starting from basic applications such as the Superuser application that can make programs or the simplest, namely the song player application, it is already available on this Microsoft Windows platform.

Because of that, with so many applications that support it, whether it’s for paid or free applications, it makes Microsoft Windows natural to have many users and enthusiasts all over the world.

  • Easy-to-Use System

One of the reasons why Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world is because the system and interface are very easy to use. Even a beginner will not be confused to operate Microsoft.

In addition, it is also supported by features so that it will increasingly make use more practical. The tools that can be used by users in solving problems in the operating system are also another reason.

The design and appearance of Windows are considered very easy to understand and it also makes many people feel more familiar.

  • Troubleshooting Features

When running Microsoft Windows and users experience problems with applications or programs, there is no need to worry.

Because Microsoft Windows has a troubleshooting feature that will make it easier for users to find problems that arise.

With this feature, you can solve problems you are experiencing, such as finding the latest driver version online, checking the compatibility of an application, repairing corruption, and much more.

  • Support Multiple System Partition

The next advantage possessed by the Microsoft Windows operating system is that it supports multiple system partitions.

There are relatively many partition systems supported by this operating system, such as NTFS, exFat, FAT 32, and others.

This will allow users to use many of the partition format systems available on the market for use on this Windows system.

  • Highly Compatible with Office Applications

The next advantage is that it is compatible with office applications. That is the reason why Microsoft Windows is also widely used.

Those who use the Mac OS operating system will be able to install Windows office applications.

This shows that the office capabilities possessed by Microsoft Windows are indeed very capable and also very useful for those of you who use it.

It is only natural that Microsoft office is an office application that is widely used in offices and institutions. Even though the application is paid and has a relatively expensive price.

  • Support Various Types of Hardware

The next advantage of Microsoft Windows is that the operating system can support various computer network hardware.

That way later you can use various computer networks on your computer device.

  • Programmers Understand Microsoft Windows Better

The last advantage of the Microsoft Windows operating system is support from the developer or developer.

This is indeed closely related to solving error problems and the occurrence of other system disturbances that may appear on Microsoft Windows.

It is undeniable, that many programmers who really understand more about Microsoft Windows make development and repair problems in the operating system so that later it can run more quickly.

For you Microsoft Windows programmers, this is indeed relatively easy for you to understand to the deepest part.

This tends to be different from other operating systems, let’s call it macOS, which is fairly difficult to use as a super user.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows

Above you already understand what are the advantages of Microsoft Windows but behind all these advantages this operating system also has some disadvantages.

Here are the shortcomings that Microsoft Windows has for you to know.

  • The Price Is Quite Expensive

The first drawback of the world’s most popular operating system is its price. The Microsoft Windows operating system is indeed priced at a relatively expensive price for the basic and also for the home version.

For the highest version of the operating system is also sold at a price in the millions. With licenses being priced too high this is one of the real drawbacks of Microsoft Windows.

That’s why in the end, to deal with this, many people commit acts of piracy against the Windows operating system in the world.

  • Vulnerable to Virus Attacks

Another drawback is that the operating system is considered very vulnerable to virus attacks or interference. This makes many computer devices that use the Windows operating system more often attacked by viruses.

It is different when compared to using other operating systems. This deficiency makes the development of viruses in the Windows system increase and a lot of them appear.

Which of course will have an impact on the comfort of Windows users themselves.

  • Easy to Break Security

Another drawback of the Microsoft Windows operating system is that its security is elementary to break into or hack into.

This can be seen from the fact that there are still many hackers who can and are able to make pirated versions of this operating system.

Until now, Windows still cannot be free from security breaches. Which is the most common piracy process for the Windows operating system itself.

This is what ultimately causes the user’s computer to often hang or experience problems.

  • Update too fast

Update speed is in fact one of the shortcomings of Microsoft Windows. Starting from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now Windows 10 it all happened so fast.

Not necessarily the software used by you is able to support the development of all these Windows operating systems.

  • Uses a large enough RAM

The RAM of the computer that will be used to install the operating system is quite large, so here you need to provide enough RAM to use it. Therefore, users must have a computer with sufficient specifications.

Closing Remarks

That was a complete review of the history of the Microsoft Windows operating system and what are the advantages and disadvantages offered by this one operating system.

Seeing the various advantages offered, it is only natural that Windows is the number one operating system in the world. You as a user of course have felt all these benefits.