How to Use Google Keyword Planner

In times like today, of course, everyone uses search engines like Google to open or search for something. As the largest search engine and with the most users, Google also presents various features.

One of which is the Google keyword planner that you can use to do research on a keyword so that search results are maximized.

The use of research on keyword planners is quite important to optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in an article or article.

That way, later on, what you write can be found and reach readers when they search for something on a search engine like Google.

That’s why Google keyword planner is quite important for you to use.

What is Google keyword planner and how to use it?

To better understand what Google keyword planner is and how to register and how use it, just refer to the explanation below:

 What is a Google keyword planner

google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool in the Google Ads service.  In general, this Google keyword planner tool does exist for the business of making ads on Google Ads.

But you can also use it for other things, such as doing keyword research on search engine optimization.

As one of the features found in Google Ads, you need to log in to your account first to Google Ads to be able to use this feature of tool keyword.

But there’s no need to worry because you can still use the Google Keyword Planner feature without the need to advertise on Google first.

How to Apply for Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

There are two ways you can try to sign up for Google Keyword Planner. If you are interested in using Google Keyword Planner and Google AdWords at the same time. Then you can register a Google AdWords account first.

But if you only want to use Google Keyword Planner, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Ads

Go to the Tools option, then click Keyword Planner.

  1. Create a New Account

Next, just create a new Google Ads account by clicking New Google Ads Account

  1. Select the Google Ads Destination

There are 3 Google Ads destination options that you can choose from.  First, to get your audience to call your business.

Second, to attract users to your website.  third, to attract people to want to visit your location.  You can choose which goals you want to use for your business.

  1. Enter Business Information

After that enter all the information about your website, what kind of phone number, your web address, an email that can be contacted, and others.

  1. Input Consumer Reach

 Next, you need to define the consumer reach of your ad.

  1. Define Search Targets

 The sixth step is to determine what kind of search your ad will appear on.

  1. Create Headlines and Descriptions

 If so, determine the headline and description for the ad that will be used.

  1. Determine the Budget

 Next, please determine your advertising budget on Google Adwords.

  1. Ad Review

For this stage, you need to review the ads that you have created.  You must have entered various information correctly.

  1. Choose a Payment Method

As already written above, you can also disable the ads that you have created. When you later have to choose a payment type, there will be two payment steps, manual and bank transfer.

then you will get an account number for Google to ensure that you make a payment, and the ads you have created will not be active.

This will allow you to use Google Keyword Planner without having to advertise on Google.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

 Here’s how to use it:

  •  With the Google Ads dashboard, tap on the “Tools” option located on the top right side.  then click keyword planner.
  •  Choose features based on your needs.  There are two options that you can choose, namely “Find Keyword” and “Get Search Volume and Forecast”.
  •  For Find Keyword this is used to find the appropriate keywords.  You do this by entering the keywords you are looking for.  Later Keyword planner will issue search results.
  •  Meanwhile, Get Search Volume and Forecast will help you get an estimated price for advertising with keywords from search results. With this menu, you can also find out data on the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC, average position, and also costs. Even if you don’t want to advertise, this feature can be used as a reference for any keywords that are searched for a lot.

 How to Maximize Use

google keyword planner

  •  Take advantage of Keyword Filters

Although this Google Keyword Planner can only enter ten keywords at a time in one research.  However, you can still get more keyword ideas by using the filter feature.

If you have entered the keywords contained in the discover new keywords feature, then you will get the results of keyword research.

Then, you just need to press the add filter option and click on keywords.  After that, you just need to enter the filter for that keyword.

 2. Knowing Competitor Keywords

By using Google Keyword Planner, you have the opportunity to find out what keyword ideas are from your business competitors.

In the discover new keywords feature, you can type in the website URL to get keyword research.

In that feature, you can also enter the URL of your competitor’s website.  For example, your website has a technology niche.

So one of your competitors is of course Jalan Tikus.  in that case, you can find out the keywords that are aligned with Keyword Planner.

 3. Finding Potential Keywords

By using Google Keyword Planner, you can also get a wide variety of keyword suggestions. This is of course very profitable because you have keyword references that you can target.

In this case, obviously, you have to be more careful when choosing priorities for keywords that have greater potential.

One way that is quite effective is to look at the highest high range on the top of page bid.

The data can show the costs incurred by the advertiser for a targeted keyword.  The higher the costs they spend, the higher the value can be.

 4. Set Search Location

Automatically, Google Keyword Planner will do keyword research from the country that you registered for the first time.

However, you can also try to narrow the reach of keyword research to the city level as well.

This can benefit you who are looking for local consumers.  The trick is on the results of your keyword research, discover new keywords, just click the location menu.

In this option, you can replace it with the city and province that is your target audience.

That’s a discussion about that is important enough for you to understand in order to maximize keyword search results later.