Department of Technology for Great Careers

Department of Technology for Great Careers – The world of technology has presented many career opportunities for millennials in an increasingly modern era.

Increasingly advanced technology is not a new thing. With the rapid development of information technology, there is also more and more to pursue technology as a good career path.

Today, companies are starting to look for candidates who can create, design, research, and develop hardware.

To make work easier, increase efficiency and productivity. So what is technology a good career path? Here are 7 IT jobs with lucrative salaries.


Department of Technology for Great Careers! Opportunities For IT Graduates!

Department of Technology for Great Careers
Department of Technology for Great Careers
  • Software Developer

A software developer’s IT staff has the task of doing research, designing, implementing, and testing software and platforms. At a time when information technology is experiencing rapid progress like now, work as a software developer is needed. 

Almost all companies, today use software platforms. This is what makes a software developer able to work in various industries, such as the tourism, entertainment, health, media, or retail industries.

  • Database Administrator

Database administrators have the task of designing, maintaining, and repairing organizational databases. They are also in charge of creating a certain array so that the user is easy to unlock. 

To do the task, a database administrator should have language skills that are often known as information manipulation and know the principles of database design.

  • Hardware Engineer

His task is to configure computer hardware and design the layout of computer devices to increase efficiency. The advantage gained by pioneering this profession is having the opportunity to cooperate with the latest technologies. 

This job is considered a continuous job, it can be that the hardware engineers will feel saturated with the routine. But it will be suitable for those of you who are actually happy with the routine of course.

  • System Analyst

The system analyst is a mediator between the business and the It team. The sorting system analyst will define user needs and develop solutions to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Not as important as a hardware engineer, a system analyst has a flexible job flow. Not only do routines, but they also have to meet with many people involved with the project. 

A system analyst will check the existing platform or type of business, then analyze the needs of the platform. Then they will develop the product, implement it, and also test the solution in the platform.

  • Network Architect

As the name implies, network architects work on network-related matters, such as designing, building, and testing communication networks. A network architect is needed in various regions

Because currently, many institutions provide facilities such as wifi in the office. So a network architect requires a long journey because in general companies will look for candidates who already have certificates.

6. Website Developer

A website developer is a person who learns a language. But not a human language, but rather a programming language. Even so, it doesn’t mean they can’t speak human languages, it’s just that it’s a must for a website developer to be able to make applications. 

In general, a website developer has flexible working hours. The work they do seems endless, so it is only natural that the company adds time for them to complete the deadline.

7. Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts are tasked with developing a security platform to maintain the company’s network and platform. This job provides many opportunities because the technology that develops will make cybercrime also develop.

This work demands always being up to date with methods of cyber aggression and developing other methods to combat it.


Department of Technology for Great Careers! – Those are 7 promising technologies for a good career path in the IT world.

Well, for millennials who are majoring in IT, don’t be lazy to study. Because you have been facilitated with a promising career path.