4 Ways to Overcome the Modem Cannot Connect Easily

Overcome the Modem Cannot Connect Easily - A modulator emulator abbreviated as the modem is a hardware device that functions to connect a computer or laptop to the internet wirelessly (without cables). So, on this occasion, I will discuss how to deal with a modem that can’t connect to the Internet.

4 Ways to Overcome the Modem Cannot Connect Easily

Apart from using wifi, laptop users can also use a modem device to connect their laptop to the internet network. However, there are several reasons why the modem you are using does not connect to the internet, see further discussion below.

How to Overcome the Modem Cannot Connect

Here are some tips and how to deal with the modem not being able to connect to the internet that you can do easily, including:

Replace the modem card

The first step in overcoming a modem that cannot connect is to replace the GSM modem card. Make sure the starter card used has been registered.

How to register a modem card:

1. Open the website according to your modem card

2. Open the card registration section navigation

3. Enter the modem’s PUK

4. Enter your Population Identity Number

Replace the modem device

The second step is to replace the old modem with a new one. An old modem will usually be damaged and cannot be used properly. So, you should immediately replace the modem if it is no longer used.

Check the laptop

Apart from the modem, the reason the modem cannot be connected is that the USB plug on the laptop is damaged. If the cause is a damaged USB plug, the laptop should be taken directly to the service area. These problems are very complex and cannot be handled alone.

Modem settings correctly

Besides the modem and USB plug. The cause of the modem is not being connected, namely, the diver is damaged. Then uninstall and reinstall the driver with the following steps:

Change APN

After uninstalling the modem driver, replace the APN that is currently in use. Here are the steps to change the APN:

1. Open your modem settings.

2. Then select Setting References, then click Profile Management.

3. Then set the APN with other APN settings provided by your modem card.

Disable Enable Driver

After changing the APN, you also need to disable and enable the modem driver to refresh your modem’s performance. The following are the steps for reinstalling the driver component:

1. Open the device manager via Windows search.

2. Enter the modems section and right-click the driver name according to your modem type.

3. Then click disable, wait a few minutes, and click enable again.


Well, that’s how to overcome the modem can’t connect. Hopefully, the explanation above was useful and you can understand it well, that’s all and thank you, see you in the next discussion.

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