Get to know Cloud Data Storage, Its Types, and advantages

Cloud Data Storage – Over time, data storage media also continues to grow. Some time ago, you may know a device called a flash disk and a hard drive, which are both reliable.

Then, technology developed until a service called cloud data storage appeared. This service is the latest alternative storage that uses the internet network.

Get to know Cloud Data Storage, Its Types, and advantages
Cloud Data Storage

This storage medium is fairly simple and attractive. The reason is, that the space provided by cloud storage offers an advantage for the owner, to store an unlimited amount of data.

Armed with an internet network, cloud storage has benefits for owners, including (1) data security is guaranteed because it is stored on the server, (2) stored files are protected from viruses, and (3) data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, (4) easy to access on the internet. any device.

The presence of this data storage service is so welcomed by many users. Besides being attractive, this service is also obtained without having to pay for it (given with a certain amount of capacity).

If you want to know information related to the sophistication of this technology, then read the following review to the end!

About Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a service model where data is transmitted and stored on a remote storage system. Where the data will be maintained, managed, backed up, and made available to users via the internet.

Generally, users will pay for this data storage at a monthly rate per consumption. There are also those who provide it for free.

The cloud service manager will be tasked with managing and maintaining the data, then transferring it to the cloud.

And Cloud storage space is determined at the request of the user. By buying or storing data in the cloud, users no longer spend a lot of money on internal storage infrastructure.

The way cloud data storage works is quite easy and simple. Cloud storage, allows data to be stored in data centers located anywhere in the world.

Then, the data is managed by a third party. Because the data is on a hosted server, access is quite easy with the web interface.

In addition, the cloud also uses a service chain that includes control servers and other storage servers. Both are connected to each other and can be used depending on the user and application requirements. Using the cloud will save users’ expenses because there is no need to buy more powerful servers.

Generally, cloud storage supports all types of files of various sizes. Therefore, it is easy for users to upload all forms of content, whether documents, photos, videos, music, movies, and so on.

After successful registration, users can sync the device with the cloud service, making it easier to access.

Advantages of Using Cloud Storage

Cloud growth is rapidly expanding across the enterprise. Where as much as 30% of company data was saved to the cloud in 2015. Then the number increased in 2020 by 50%.

Businesses in the cloud data storage sector are also increasing, in line with the estimated value in 2025. It is based on the benefits provided to the user. You can recognize some of these advantages from the following points!

1. Flexibility and Ease of Access

When storing data in the cloud, this means that the user has submitted the data, not to be tied to any one storage location.

Some people who feel entitled and have an interest in the data can access it at any time. They can choose the location and the device used, without having to go through the download process first.

2. Support Remote Management

By using the cloud, users can manage their data remotely. This can be done by the internal IT team or service providers (managed service providers/MSPs). Both can solve problems, without having to come to the location quickly and precisely.

3. Fast Scalability

The most important benefit of the cloud is that users can provide new resources with just a few clicks. This is possible because users do not need additional infrastructure.

When faced with an unprecedented increase in volume, this feature will help keep your business going.

4. Redundancy For Backup

Data redundancy is an attempt to replicate the same data in multiple locations. This step is essential for an effective backup mechanism.

The cloud will ensure data security in any situation, such as in remote locations, natural disasters, accidents, or even cyber-attacks.

5. Long Term Cost Saving

In the long term, the cloud can significantly save on hardware equipment, storage facilities, and power, and personnel costs. Of course, this cost will double as your business grows.

Types of Cloud Data Storage

Cloud services allow users to access their data from anywhere. This means that the cloud is a versatile virtual hard drive.

If you want this cloud service, then study the characteristics of the types of clouds below. That way, you can customize which type of cloud is best suited for your data needs.

1. Private Cloud Storage

This type is also referred to as an enterprise or internal cloud. Data is stored on the corporate web, and protected by corporate firewalls.

This type of cloud is very suitable for companies whose data centers are expensive, and are managed specifically internally. The advantage of using this cloud is that the user can fully control it by the user.

2. Public Cloud Storage

This type of cloud storage requires little administrative control and can be accessed online by users. Even this access can be done by other users, who are allowed to open the data.

Public cloud storage is maintained by the service provider, so security opportunities are very few. This is because common storage space is used by anyone.

3. Hybrid Cloud Storage

This type of cloud is a combination of private cloud storage and public cloud storage. As the name suggests, this store offers the best of both worlds, which is between private cloud security and public cloud personalization. Hybrid cloud storage allows users to store their data privately or together.

4. Community Cloud Storage

And this storage is a combination with private cloud storage. This cloud offers storage solutions for specific businesses or communities.

In this type, the cloud service provider will offer cloud architecture, software, and other development tools, to meet the needs of the community.

In data storage, the cloud is very concerned about this. However, challenges such as mass data breaches will be of particular concern, especially for companies whose data is stored in the cloud.

Moreover in that scenario, there are many options offered namely serverless computing and regular review of cloud services.

In this situation from these problems, the use of cloud data storage is important, because it is an innovation in system maintenance and content management.

And with varying prices, users can store their data securely in an online location, and without worrying about storage space. They are also free to access it anywhere and use any device.

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