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About Us Alibaba Group, The name Alibaba seems familiar to us. Founded by Jack Ma, the e-commerce giant was the precursor to today’s unicorn startups. Until now the Alibaba group has become a big business empire in various sectors.

Not only in the marketplace sector, if we search About Us Alibaba, we will also find that Alibaba has expanded into fintech and the film industry. Alibaba has also acquired two major marketplaces Lazada and Tokopedia.

About Us Alibaba Group

Maybe we only know what Alibaba is as an e-commerce company created by Jack Ma that focuses on sales and is known as one of the marketplaces where Indonesians can buy Chinese products without the need to use the services of importing goods from China. In reality, Alibaba is much more than that.

Alibaba has even collaborated with J&T but not for logistics purposes. Alibaba also spread its wings by establishing Ali Express where we can buy goods or import goods from Chinese distributors directly.

Besides Ali Express, there is also Cainiao Network as a super fast logistics service option with 24-hour delivery to various corners and 72 hours to other countries. This extraordinary achievement of the Alibaba group has also become a spur for other companies to start businesses. This will benefit us as consumers.

With the presence of other companies, we can get various choices. Until now, Antara Logistics has been present as our choice to import goods from China. With the presence of Antara Logistics, we can buy goods from China without the need to take care of licensing.

What Means “Do You Know? About Us Alibaba Group”?

We will also not be given a licensing fee for using a license through Antara Logistics. We can also buy goods from Chinese suppliers through Antara. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, has now stepped down from his position as CEO and is focusing on education.

However, Jack Ma’s track record of success at Alibaba is still felt today. Even Alibaba has become Lazada’s largest shareholder, worth more than 80%. Not only Lazada but now Alibaba has a stake in Tokopedia, although it is still a minority stake. It is believed Alibaba will have more of that in the future.

Alibaba’s business empire has also grown to dozens of companies including Alimama, Cainiao Network to Ant Finance. There is much more interesting information about what Alibaba is. We must be grateful because we live in an era where Alibaba Group is growing so that we can easily import goods.

With Alibaba, the world’s e-commerce and marketplace businesses have also grown. Even now, Antara Logistics is also present so that we can import goods from Guangzhou to Jakarta directly at a more affordable and transparent cost.

Importers are individuals or institutions that bring goods from abroad to enter the domestic market. Usually, imported goods. You may feel doubtful or confused when you want to import car accessories in 2022, you might be able to find the answer About Us Alibaba here. You can choose how.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is an integrated global technology company. Alibaba has transformed from an e-commerce platform provider to a digital economy ecosystem that provides infrastructure and integrative marketing reach.

The goal is to help businesses operate and reach consumers more easily and efficiently by leveraging the power of technology. Jack Ma chose this name because e-commerce is a very global industry so it takes a name that is globally known and easy to pronounce by anyone and in any language.

In addition, inspired by the story of 1001 nights, Alibaba represents ” open sesame ” the About Us Alibaba platform. And business opens doors of opportunity and sustenance for the community’s young people, women, people with disabilities, and businesses. small to large scale both in China and even the world.

Alibaba’s mission is to make it easier for people to do business everywhere in the digital age. The founders of Alibaba wanted to help young people with the belief that the Internet could provide equal opportunities for SMEs to grow and compete more effectively in the local and global economy.

Alibaba is not after scale and strength, we have the vision to be a good company that has been working for 102 years. About Us Alibaba, Alibaba Group has several types of businesses such as e-commerce, payments, cloud computing, logistics, and supply chain optimization.

digital entertainment, marketing, and various other initiatives and support services. The entire business network forms an ecosystem that is all supported by cloud computing technology services.

And payments, financial services, as well as logistics and digital marketing services. With such a large scale, this ecosystem is called the Alibaba ecosystem:

An ecosystem consisting of the platforms and businesses of Alibaba Group and Ant Financial our affiliated company. And that connects consumers, sellers, brands, third-party service providers, and strategic partners to enable them to find, and connect. And transact with each other and can manage their business anytime and anywhere.

We are here in Indonesia, for Indonesia, with a commitment to empowering Indonesia’s progress and transformation in the digital era.

This is realized through some business units that have direct operations in Indonesia, namely Lazada, Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba.com, and UC.

Do You Know? About Us Alibaba Group In The World?

Alibaba’s long-term goal is to serve two billion consumers worldwide, support 10 million businesses to operate profitably on the platform and drive 100 million job opportunities in the process by the end of 2036.

Improve active consumer and consumer experience and wallet share through geographic expansion, new product and service categories, and use data capabilities to identify better, analyze, and serve consumer needs through personalization across channels.

Expand product and service offerings to consumers beyond physical products, including entertainment, healthcare, and local services.

Continue to develop the Alibaba platform as the main destination for brand owners to increase insight and loyalty, manage and engage customers, and expand channels that innovate products.


Use data and cloud computing technology in everything we do for our customers and ourselves. Create value for merchants, brands, retail operators, and all businesses in the About Us Alibaba ecosystem through online and offline integration, marketing, and distribution.

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