How to Change the Play Store Region?

How to Change the Play Store Region

How to Change the Play Store Region? – Play Store is a market or application center that you can access easily because it is the default and must be on Android.

Usually, Google will set the Content of the Play Store to match the user’s region or country. But what happens if you change countries.?

Do you want to participate in events held by the Play Store in other countries? Then, How To Change the Play Store Region?

Actually, How To Change the Play Store Region is quite simple. You just open the Play Store application, find the application you want, install it completely, and that’s it.

However, one of the obstacles is that the order and availability of applications on the Play Store in each country are different.

Some have high ratings and the number of downloads is large. Or there are some applications that have been blocked in certain regions of the country. So, to find out how to let’s follow these steps!

What is Play Store?

Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. Which serves as the official app store for certified devices running.

The Android operating system and its derivatives along with Chrome OS, allow users to search, and download. And install applications developed with the Android software development kit (SDK) and published through Google.

Not only Android applications, but Google Play also functions as a digital media store that also offers the purchase of music or songs, books, movies, and television programs.

Content that has been purchased on Google Play Movies &TV and Google Play Books can be accessed in a web browser, and through the Android app.

Google Play is also often referred to by the name of Google Play Store or Play Store, and in the early days of its development using the name Android Marketplace.

Application developers can also follow the Admob monetization program (a kind of Adsense but specifically for Mobile applications and Android-based).

So that later they will be able to serve ads from within the application they developed and get income from it.

Functions and Uses of Play Store

As mentioned earlier, the functions and uses of Google Play include the following:
  • As an application for buying, searching, downloading, and installing Android games and apps registered into Google Play,
  • As an application for renting box office movies.
  • As an app to buy songs or music from your favorite artists.
  • As an application to buy E-Books.

How To Change Play Store Region

To find out the stages in changing the country or region on the play store account, here are the steps by step.
  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Click the three lines in the upper left corner, then select the email that will be replaced with another country’s google play store account.
  3. Select ‘Payment Methods’, then Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Other Payment Settings’.
  4. Automatically you will be taken (redirected) to the mobile browser (Chrome, etc.) and the GPay payment method display will appear.
  5. As in step 3 which is to click the three lines in the upper left corner, then select ‘Settings’
  6. Here you will be taken to the Settings view containing information about your account, and slide to the ‘Payments Profile’ section.
  7. Click the pencil mark on ‘Country/Region’.
  8. ‘Create a new payments profile’, then click ‘Continue’.
  9. Select the country or region ‘Country/Region’ to the country of your desired destination, here I select the United States (US). Click ‘Continue’.
  10. Fill in the new name and address according to the destination country
  11. Notification that your new account profile has been created. This is the message: 
  12. In this last step you are presented with information about the new payments profile that has been previously created. If your Play Store account has been created, then you just need to use the account according to your personal use needs.

Reasons Why Someone Wants to Change Country Or Region On Play Store

The most obvious reason for changing the location of Google Play is the long-term relocation. Although, as is the case with most online services.

The catalog available may vary from country to country, and not all applications are available everywhere

Popular downloads such as the ESPN app, CBS app, Pokemon Go, and many others, may not be available or fail to function correctly in certain regions.

If you want access to the entire Google Play catalog, you need to spoof or change your location.

In addition, the Google Play store accesses GPS and IP addresses. Relocation/moving around and continuing to use Google Play without updating information may result in conflicts between the actual location and the documented location.

1. There is an Interesting Play Store Event That Is Specialized in Certain Countries Only

For example, there are discounts or promos on the sale of applications or books that are actually devoted to only a few countries.

Therefore, if the event is important, you don’t need to worry, because it can be changed to another country.

2. Have Moved to Another Country

If at first you live in country A and then move for some reason, be to country B. Automatically you will hang out with people around your new territory.

Well, surely you need an application according to the place of residence in the new country. To make it easier, then you’d better change the country according to what you need.

The payment currency when you buy an application or book on the play store will be easier if it matches the currency of the country of residence.

Because it is certain that there will be local payment methods that are basically devoted only to the country.

3. Really Want to Have a Play Store Account in Another Country

For this one reason, usually, the user is just on a whim or indeed needs it for other reasons. 

Usually, this user has quite a lot of Play Store accounts (more than one) so it is necessary for him to have a Play Store account from various other countries.

Thus the related article how to change the play store region. Hope it is useful

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